Barrie James

Wildlife in a Devon Garden

Life's too short to be taken seriously.

(Oscar Wilde)

Our local buzzard.  Remarkable video take-off carrying a squirrel.

A welcome regular visitor. A Goldfinch.

    I stalked this little fellow for a long time,  I followed him from plant to plant. My wife was very amused and said, "Behold, the great hunter..."

A young Nuthatch

One of our many


Greater Spotted


      A lucky shot.  This fast-moving hawk moth was difficult to photograph.  I have since learned to use the 'Burst-mode'.  

Note the long, dark probosis.  Like a kingfisher this creature is an expert flyer, remaining utterly stationary momentarily whilst taking on fuel. 

The Bullfinch is not a frequect visitor but is remarkably tame.  Little seems to disturb it when eating, rather like my grandson, Alexander...

Nuthatch. "I'm home darling"

Another stalking shot using a 50mm lens setting and full aperture. This innocent little Blue tit had just left the nest and was investigating my food source.  I was able to get very close to it and in my excitement induced a little camera-shake.  His parents nearby were clearly unsettled and thereafter he became 'street-wise' as he grew older. C'est La Vie...

Nuthatch in a dive.  Note the Concord-like streamlining.

 I have been using Leica cameras since 1966 and been very pleased

with them. I have seldom lost money on exchanging them for 

more up-to-date models.

Some Leica cameras are very expensive,  however, this 'bridge'

model is within the reach of many people.

It is a V-Lux4 with an incredible 'Vario-Elmarit 2.8 ASPH lens which has an astonishing range from 25 to 600 mm at a constant F2.8'.

I bought it as a used item for £450.00. In 2016. 

Spring 2021,  A new visitor...